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Get empowered and motivated to get outside and follow that unknown road, trail, or river. Explore the outdoors, connect with nature, and live a healthy lifestyle - all through your very own ADVENTURE!

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All roads and trails connect us somewhere. Exploring the outdoors allows me to open my mind and live in the present. Even the smallest dose of outdoor adventure fulfills my body, mind, and soul with a connection to nature. For me, it means enjoyment, fitness, and relaxation.

Rodney Fuentes


There are many reasons to to ride a bicycle. For me Pure Joy is the real reason I ride my bike. ¬†I have been riding bicycles for many years. I have participated in cycling races, triathlons, and have used the bike as a tool for physical¬†training and fitness. This year my approach to cycling changed, […]


2016 has come and gone and like many of you, I am sitting down and reflecting on the past year and looking forward to all that will happen with this new year. A new year is fresh of possibility and opportunity. Many of us willingly and optimistically make some type of formal New Year’s Resolution […]