Explore Origins Films

We create custom documentary style video content for individuals and organizations focused on nature related and conservation stories. We make content from 1 minute to featured documentaries (45 min and over).

We are living in times of environmental crisis and it is essential for all of us to do our part for a more sustainable world. Explore Origins is a voice for Mother Nature. Through inspiring videos, the company is aiming to increase awareness towards the delicate state of our natural world, nature connection and education, as well as outdoor adventures. Explore Origins goal is to help environmental organizations and businesses tell their stories as it provides a service to the earth and the communities that depend upon it.

Stories about nature are best told by naturalists and/or people who are connected with our natural environment. Explore Origins founder Rodney Fuentes has experience in ecology, outdoor adventures, nature conservation, and tourism.

Rodney Fuentes’ background and passion for the great outdoors gives birth to Explore Origins.


Rodney Fuentes, Director

Rodney is a filmmaker with a background in eco-tourism and nature exploration.

Going beyond being a videographer, Rodney is a story-teller and a creative filmmaker who creates videos with empowering stories and meaningful content.

Rodney’s outdoor explorations evolved when he started to document his experiences through his new acquired DSLR camera, back in 2013. Thanks to many years of experiences in travel, nature interaction, and understanding different cultures, Rodney developed a keen eye for photography, videography, and story-telling. He has vast experiences in the tourism industry and has worked and volunteered for several NGOs including the Venezuelan Audubon Society, Phelps Ornithological Museum in Venezuela, Birds Studies Canada, and the Peterborough Field Naturalist Club.

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