The Monarch Ultra will be a feature-length documentary film that follows one of the world’s longest relay runs, enhanced by coupling it with the migration of the monarch butterfly. The film will document the creation of the 4,300- kilometre relay, the hundreds of communities along the migratory path, and the runners, activists, and conservationists working to protect pollinator habitat.

At a time of extreme division across the world, we want to tell a different story – one of reconnecting to nature, to our communities, and to one another. The Monarch Ultra is also a timely film about climate change when reports suggest it could alter the delicate balance of monarch populations and their habitats.

Production starts this summer. For more information about the Monarch Ultra project visit the website:



The Canoe, an iconic Canadian vessel symbolizing respect, relevance, reciprocity and reconciliation. The Adventure in Understanding embodies that spirit in bringing together indigenous and non-indigenous youth from across the province and the globe, to be proud leaders to share and to experience aspects of Indigenous culture to lead to greater understanding and reconciliation.

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